Monday, July 9, 2012

a little sewjourn

 found myself away ... again ... on the weekend
yes - completely spoilt with time to sew for fun lately
in a little cottage & studio
known well about the traps .... in country victoria
we have driven by this neat retreat so many times
on our way up to 'our' riBer .... that
my husband now points it out to me!
now i've been & stayed & sewed ... yay
we had gorgeous blue skies
crisp cold days & nights ... & frozen hot water taps
we were warm & snug
greeted by a cosy cottage with a fire burning - thanks mel...
plenty of space to spill out & be free to work on any of the multitude
of projects brought along
i made a promise that i would only work on 
quote "stuff for me"
this weekend it was all about the journey .... no real finishes
but alot further along the road with quite a few projects
& a couple of new ones in the mix too!

the project list included:
in aquas & red from way back ....
i remember that i started to sew this all together
in a different layout & i changed my mind
then i made more blocks ...
& thankfully i had it all written down
it arrived in Lancefield in block form
departed as a quilt top ...
does it 'need' a border? not sure ...

 another enJOY the journey kind of quilt
aka katie ... that i really adore
once apon a time i went through my entire fabric stash
so did a great friend of mine
we made up our HST's & then did a little
one on one swap ... where we only swapped the ones we wanted to
& we are cool enough with each other to say - nah, not that one but ta!
not all sewn together yet by any means ... queen sized
but it is on its way ... see the favourties carelful auditioned 
for the centre stage!

 now ... since i was on a roll with digging out the ufo's
there were some snowballs to work on too ...
i really love this quilt & i have no idea why i haven't pulled it all together before now
... there is an enJOY the journey story behind this one
re: running out of the orange-y base fabric
& another about a mystery missing block
... both literally blocked my path with this quilt
... but it is now all sewn together as a finished quilt top
yay ... for ginger blossom

what else ...
ahhh yes ... nothing like another project
this one has a deadline ...
for it is my outfit for the day
had to be done
.... the circles ... i have them on my mind
really awesome piece of treasured fabric purchased on a recent
jaunt away to our nations capital ... at SIT
has the 'look' of hand screen printing
hemp ... lovely weight
its halfway to becoming one of Nikki's skirts...
main fabric is a wool in the perfect co-ordinating shade
that was found in my stash!! ... & the perfect amount
needed some coaching ... as it has been a v long time since i have made 
myself a garment ... thanks my friend ... & for the late night chats too!
may need to be led through the whole invisible zip insert!
there was also some knitting of a little stripey vest for my little boy
& some free-form patch working from the scraps bag

 also been completely inspired by
parson gray ... & i have loved this curious nature range
for a while ... so it was time to commit!
also ... that circle-y theme surfes again!!
... the wonderful Brianna put this together over the course
of the weekend ... it looks absolutely stunning ...
she had lots of extra fabric ... so i've now cut out the best part of this same quilt
only mine has the fabrics in reflection .... intentional of course!!
thanks for the inspiration Brianna ... lovely getting to know you also!
 lots of yummy food
cosy place to lay my head
great company & new friends
late nights sewing & chatting
projects galore ... thanks girls
 karen - claire - leisl - brianna - mel - &me...
thanks ladies
 our awesome collective group weekend sewing effort


Karen said...

An absolute pleasure, as always, to spend time with you. Thanks for being my 'night owl' companion and it was great to see you enJOYing the time spend sewing without 'having' to do anything.

Liesl said...

It was a great weekend. So lovely to meet you!

Leah said...

Wow, so many wonderful projects! Love that HST and the circle quilt is now on my to do list! Can't wait to see you in that skirt love the fabric!