Thursday, July 26, 2012

circling the apple tree

 i decided instead
that i'd go with the saying
"apple of my eye"
 & he is, completely
family & friends help form my Full Circle
but somehow its been Oscar
& our journey that completes this ring
i love the image of a circle
its never ending
like the knights of Arthur's table ... round has no favourites
the clay i used to fashion had no straight lines
it can expand to be inclusive
& retract to be encompassing
we move in circles
circles, or almost ... in our universe
in our patterns & living
in our humaness
so in spirit here he is
enamored with the sight smell & taste 
of the fruit that is the apple of my eye
basking in the sunshine glow
listening to where the wind might take him
enJOYing his journey
he's our feast of a rainbow of colour
our little sparkle of prism light
there's something wonderful
in observing & reflecting
one day this little bird will fly north
he will find his freedom
but in the meanwhile
eat lots of apples!
red ones .... your favourite

the results are in
11.1% positive
88.9% negative
so yeah ... i worked out, as you have read
a much better fitting title
although there is still something
about the cycle of an apple
self seeding 
near the parent tree that i still like!

so my creative head space today
& this week ....

& an additional edit: Sunday 12th August
pray with me if you like ....
written as part of our worship at ABC

Dear Lord, Saviour & Holy Spirit

Let our minds rest in you
in our hope for our future,
our children’s future,
and those of
generations to come.

Guide our journey
in this community
through the circles of our times ...
with hope in our hearts...

lead us to be a people
who are vibrantly excited
loving to all
welcoming in our actions
open in our hearts
caring in our humanness

that we can go forth to bear fruit
to bask in your sunlight
feast on a rainbow of colour
and listen to the winds of wisdom

Let this place
and these people
wait in hope
but not inaction
that the fruit that we bare
can be full of your spirit
so that we become a people
who grow in faith
who have a great connection
with the wonderful web,
across the generations
who nurture
as parents, as role models
as leaders, as older friends;
the children and young families within
and without our community

that we bear fruit in your name
that on your winds of reason
you whistle through our doors
with a new hope,
in the future of our people
let us sparkle in your prism light
let us hear your words whispered on the wind
let us hear your peace,
and find hope in you.



Becky said...

You are so clever, that is beautiful as are the sentiments.

Karen said...

So beautifully written Wendy - and wow - I love your painting - it's amazing, as are you.

Bronwyn said...

Just lovely Wendy (all the shading for texture and depth is so so clever!) - I love the clay analogy - expanding and retracting - looking forward to Saturday and seeing it in the flesh!

Tanya said...

I love your apple tree. funnily enough I gave my husband a birthday card the day before you wrote this post and on the front were 4 apples and a 'you are the apple of my eye". gosh- I was surprised by your survey results, nearly 90% negative, I wouldn't have thought that.