Wednesday, July 4, 2012

bunker down & sew

 went away with a truly great friend on the weekend
was our chance to be without children about
hang out & just sew
had our twin machines meet up for the first time
there was lots of chatter & some fav tunes played
i worked on a long time project
got all the wavey quilting stitches done
have the intention of finishing the binding this coming weekend
its taken me an age to create this but i am almost there
i have 'enJOYed the journey' & Oscar is right into the idea right now!
so perfectly timed i'd say ...
 knuckled down & made a whole lot of little girls' skirts for my
up coming markets
& all the while my friend Sam got to & sewed
a blue & yellow
half square triangle
tonal values quilt
on the 1/4 turn ... which means that all the 'layers' of tone
are complete squares ... which means there are many many
little triangles on the end of each row to add to the mix!
a basket to machine system was applied ...
 she did an amazing job!
in fact we couldn't leave to go home until it was completely put together!

i worked with some
figgy pudding triangle 'turn overs'
now this quilt top has been a long time in the making also
anyway no lamenting in life required
just get on with it now ... i say!
all pieced & sliced & re-pieced
& i love the scrapy look
so we will have some figgy pudding on display for this Christmas
still the quilting to happen ... maybe this weekend as well?
so nothing exactly finished ... WIPs
but nearly there!
 there were a couple of sleep-ins ... food & wine consumed
lovely relaxed wintry productive time .... away from the bustle of home
special thanks to our husbands ... C & S


Bronwyn said...

oh my - Sam's quilt is absolutely fantastic!!! Your stuff's nice too ;) ;) ;)

Cas said...

what a productive weekend :) sam did an awesome job! another apprentice??

Karen said...

Wow they are gorgeous Wendy. I can't believe Sam got all that done, clever girl! Looks like a lovely relaxing weekend.

Jessica Kelly said...

Wow everything is amazing! Great WIPs, thanks for linking up!

Katherine said...

Is Sam a real person?!?!?! That looks AMAZING! I am happy you got together but sad I didn't join in!

capitolaquilter said...

What a great team effort - love your quilt progress.