Friday, July 20, 2012

full circling

 i can't tell you how excited i am to have had
such a wonderful response to our
a 1.8m full circle during production
at our ABC Playgroup
this is still a WIP
 some apples  .... my thinking from back here
this is your sneak peak
i will reveal more later .... WIP
 punching full circles with my little boy!
 being reminded by the stained glass
full circles that are on permanent display
at our ABC .... lovely
  the lovely maryanne of Sew Together
has been busy with her full circle
stunning isn't it!!
my awesome friend bron
has also created a masterpiece ...
... that is for sale!!
 another sneaky peak ....
... loving the life cycles themes that are coming through!
cas from Sew It Seams
has been busy sewing sweet little stitches 
that tell a story ... a WIP
 and karen of And so, I sew
has also been busy & had her girls
making wonderful full circles too
they are stunning & you may need to just see them in real life!!
the Full Circle project
is part of our bi-annual 
at Ashburton Baptist Church
Y street or Marquis street entrances
Saturday 28th July 9am - 3pm
Lots to do & see .... you are welcome!

so amazing creativity shining thorough
in circle form


Cas said...

oh no pressure on!!

Becky said...

How awesome is Bronwyn's?! I have a wedge ruler here that I bought at the Sydney SIT; I really should use it one of these days :)

Tanya said...

Hope it all went well and that you had a great day