Tuesday, June 26, 2012

are apples apples?

 i've been thinking
& drawing
about one of my 
project ideas
i've decided I need
a public opinion please
its all about the phrase ...

"the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"

... trying to work out if it is positive saying in the public eye?
or do the tall poppy choppers in us
pull on the negative strings??

if you do the survey please also leave me a comment
& i will do a random draw for something sweet & handmade
as a little gift for saying thankyou for helping!


Cas said...

very cute! loving the creative flow miss wendy :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting survey! I THINK it is a positive saying, HOWEVER, generally when I hear it used, it has a negative connonation, usually with reference to a negative behaviour a child is displaying and that being similar to the parent/s! Sam xxxx

Becky said...

I did the survey and would be interested in seeing the results when you get enough data.

Katherine said...

I only see it as a negative saying.....apple doesn't fall from the tree...just never said for a good reason. If you are saying a child looks like their parent or has the same behaviour one usually says "peas on a pod" or something like that.

Cath said...

Good morning, Miss Wendy...survey completed. Hope all is going well in your world this week. C xxx

Bronwyn said...

I did tick more negative than positive. But I think just adding 'good' will change it completely. A good apple never falls far from the tree. Compliments both