Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SIT Swap items

can hardly wait for friday, saturday & sunday coming
heading up to our ACT
went in 2011 to Sydney & had a ball
(thanks for making me go Bron!)
Joined in the handmade items swap
figure that this group of girls should put them to good use hey!
used some Riley Blake Fly a Kite fabric
i love the cathedral windows design
(this will be as close as I will ever get to sewing
Cathedral windows .... I admire those who do!)
& some lovely green DS
with a basic new favourite wonky stripe
both from Spotlight
I'm joining in a 2nd swap as well
to make up some numbers for the awesome
Cassandra of Snailblazer
with some of these ....
 all parceled up & ready to go!
a whole weekend with like-minded
creative thinkers who write blogs too!
so excited ... thanks for making me go last year Bron
(no husband & no little boy! .... love them but could do with a few days without! xx)


Cas said...

yay, looking forward to it too wendy & im hoping i get one of your swaps!! puts to shame my efforts i think :( thanks to you for making me go this year!

Cath said...

Sooo excited to seeing you girls in a few days...what are the chances of bribing Cass to be in your swap group??? I'll be there for macarons & bubbly on Friday afternoon!

Bronwyn said...

Glad I didn't have to twist your arm for this SIT ;) - your sewing kits look really lovely - posies, cathedral windows, and stripes - great selection! 2nd swap??

Danielle said...

Wow, these are awesome! Was lovely to meet you yesterday. Sorry didn't get to chat more, the day went by so quickly - and unfortunately I couldn't stay for the evening activities! Hope to see you again next year! Danielle x

Posie Patchwork said...

Fabulous to meet you Wendy, thrilled you had an ace time at SIT this weekend, love Posie

Caroline said...

You've inspired me to buy this book - I loved your swap items!

I had such a great time meeting you Wendy... Thanks!