Friday, June 1, 2012

i love fabric ... & little stitches for SIT

quite excited!!
it was an awesome parcel week
lots of LRRH
some of which is destined to become
little girls' skirts
like one?
let me know ...
carrots & peas have always been a favorite too
also looking forward to making something
for keeps from
just the black on off white ...
I've been nearly sitting on my letter box
... waiting as patiently as I could
for my name tag in our
SIT swap .... thankyou to Gilly for organising it!
this is what the lovely Megan made for me
all the way from sunny QLD
 love the teeny tine itsy-bitsy ticker tape
design to it ...
and this is the name tag that I made a few weeks back for Michelle
 ... this time next week we'll be in full swing
can hardly wait ...

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