Thursday, June 14, 2012


this is an inviation for you
you can be part of it no matter which corner of the world you live in
as part of Ashburton Baptist Church's 
... we'd like to invite you to be part of a very exciting 
creative project ... FULL CIRCLE
for people of all ages, any skill level 
any medium
it just needs to interpret the theme 'Full Circle'
it needs to be a circle of some sort & I need to be able to hang it easily
(it could be in an embroidery hoop as suggested but you could use anything that is a circle)

 entry forms are ready to go
available from:
and be sure to include a stamped
self addressed envelope so we can return your art work
or you may decide that you'd like to donate your work for sale
you may enter "FULL CIRCLE" as many times as you'd like
open for all ages ... in fact we a strongly encouraging you to involve children & teenagers!!
Please don't hesitate to ask about this adventure
i have dreamt up this idea & would really really love to be
overwhelmed with entries
... so come on & join in 
... & perhaps please
blog about it 
for me to help spread the word that all are invited!!
you may remember back at Easter time
we went on a mission trip to Ambon, Indonesia??
well ... one of the causes that we are fundraising for is
Lawamena Inc ... a foundation now close to my heart...
i hope you feel moved to make something & contribute
and even more if geography does not prevent you
please come along & see ... the main viewing day will be the 28th July
but the whole exhibit will be on show 
in the Wellspring Gallery between the 21st July to the 5th August

just google "embroidery hoop wall art"
& you will find a whole world of inspiration!

i made a start on one of the pieces that I will be entering myself
i took a drawing that Oscar has done of his version of
'circles' where he tracks back on the line
i love the way he does this & have wanted for ages to turn it into something 
.... cloth is a natural linen, teal coloured pearle thread
with simple little back stitching ...
i will show you the finished product soon
so this is my creative space ... 
... planning & dreaming up 'Full Circle'
hoping that there will be many many participants
& enjoying the simplicity of line ...


Miriam said...

What a sweet thing. I will definitely have a proper look at it. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.

Kylie said...

Count us in. If the kids have anything to do with it we will be entering one each. Lucky we have the school holidays to work on it. Thinking I might go through some of my pinned ideas and see if anything in there fits the 'full circle' theme.

Cath said...

Thanks so much for the 'invitation' luv! Looking forward to overwhelming you...! As Kylie said above with school hols in only a week I might get the girls involved too. So wish we could be at the market was a great day.

Bronwyn said...

Just got my letterbox drop invite too! Still thinking thinking thinking!!! Got many nibbles yet? - I do have quite a few op-shopped hoops spare...