Wednesday, May 30, 2012


spent the last two consecutive
sunday afternoons/early evenings
my sewing space
when we moved in
we set my sewing space up in the same room as our 'study'
while i love having the computer right there as a resource
its tricky as i do tend to take over 
& apparently my husband would like to have his own desk!? huh?
so apart from the fact that more than half of the 'new' sewing room
is still a storage locker for all the arty stuff that will hopefully one day move into a studio
yep - you heard right i 'need' a sewing room & a studio!
well this afternoon i used said janome in the new space & its working nicely
the space that is .... my janome needs a service!!

so i have a deadline this week
blog worthy photos of my SIT swap items
they will be ready!
as I made a start & got halfway!!
i'll tell you more about these when i'm finished ... soon!
so essentially 2 works in progress today

NB- fabric stash you can see .... not even a 1/4 of it ... will need to be relocated
another time ....


Patti Shanks said...

Ha! Love your fabric stash as it is similar to mine!

Cas said...

glad the feng shui is working for both you & mr O. if you need help 'relocating' fabric, there is always plenty room at my house .....

capitolaquilter said...

There is simply never enough space in my eyes. Looks like you're making the most of yours. Happy Quilting.