Wednesday, May 30, 2012

four candles on a castle cake!

so the little man in our house
turned 4 on saturday
still can't believe he is even ours
& we love him so very much
celebrated with a party theme of
& dragons
the noble princesses, knights & squires whom
he 'plays with' joined our celebratory crusade
courtly attire was requested
the champions prepared
the banners were sewn & hung ... 7 of them!
the bunting flags were flying inside & out
the tournament was arranged
there was knightly quest for great treasure
trumpets heralded
crowns were decorated
 shields were created & foil covered
musical 'thrones' was played
(& no one missed out!)
we didn't have a round table but
we did play with a round parachute!
ring a ring a rosie was danced!
(after all its supposed to be about the black plague hey!)
the celebration banquet feast was prepared
including ginger bread crowns
decorated by the princely dragon himself
& little shields in the red & white of St George!
 one little dragon was 
excited ....
a castle cake was requested
& so it was done
loved making it
 components .... many many tim tams
malteasers, two types of chocolate cakes
a gingerbread draw bridge
icey blue jelly, 16 lego mini figures knights
& one green dragon
 his dragon costume
hoodie idea found somewhere on google images
can't find the original blog i spotted it on
my variation was to lightly stuff
the spikes
love it so much
knew the moment i set my eyes on it
i had to make one ...
wish we had the snow to pose in!!
which i've again made a variation on
... stuffing the spikes ...
& now of course it is completely 
a dragon's tail hey!
we missed you Roma & KPa
but glad you were doing castle-y things too!

did you see the Happy Birthday Oscar
banner ?? I made this for his first birthday
& each year I make the appropriate number tag to insert!
had to use some of the fabric from his dragon costume for the 4th!


Karen said...

Best Cake Ever!!
Thanks for a lovely time - my little Princess thoroughly enjoyed herself.
Very clever way you have done the birthday bunting too.

Janine said...

what a lovely idea to add a new number to the banner each year - it will be so special if you are able to include scraps from a special costume, etc each year. what a wonderful family tradition you have started :)

Cath said...

Oh, Wendy! What a fabulous party!!!!! Loving all the flags and have been busy! Looking fwd to seeing you real soon!!! xxx

Cas said...

nice job & well executed :)any chance a canon ball was spared???

Cas said...

ooh love the new look blog too !!

Loubie Lou said...

Miss Georgia had a wonderful time and boy oh boy, what a spectacular cake!!! Wishing I could have been there too. xx

Anonymous said...

Just love you all so much
So sorry we missed all the knights and princesses
Celebrating with nobility as such
Hope to see that dragon in green
When we touch down at tullamarine.

Roma and KPa

nicole kane said...

happy birthday oscar!!!