Monday, May 7, 2012

markings in the sand

 spent 24 hours at a beach hideaway 
which is fast becoming
a favourite spot
went for a crisp wintry walk along
the Ocean Grove Surf Beach
rugged up
got to love it when you nearly have the beach all to yourselves
that chilled cheeks feeling
perfect conditions for gum boots
watched the kite surfer
avoided the weird looking little blue jelly fish all along the water's edge
went spotting marks & footprints 
in the sand
there were parallel lines
hmm what could they be?
doggy foot prints
in varying sizes
weird flipper shapes
 & then the nearly 4 year old
'needed' i quote
to dig ... 
the whole sand under finger nails type of digging
was a lovely time
lucky we have 
antarctic weather conditions coats at our convenience!


Judy said...

Lucky you, looks like a fabulous short break from the hustle and bustle. Got to love the beach on a wintery day!!

Cas said...

oooh your description made it feel so real. i could just imagine those cold cheeks, burning red hot once enclosed in the warmth again :)

Sue Wightman said...

Hi Wendy,
we visited amazing Lake Pedder today. Well off the beaten track but worth the visit.Such a beautiful place with hardly a soul around. Pristine,clear water with beautiful reflections in the stillness. We are loving our short breake from the mundane--food for mind, body & spirit.