Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i can knit!

 sat with a great group of crafty girls the other eve
i was the exception to the yarn rule
as they were all using yarn in some way
learning to knit a scarf
an elaborate jumper
& there i was sewing ...
it got me thinking about some unfinished knitting projects
i learnt how to knit a long time ago
my mum taught me ... my first project was a bright
red, blue, yellow & green chunky striped
jumper for my snoopy!
made in one piece with the rows running vertically
& sewn together under the arms etc
not sure how old i was but i was in primary school
added a few stitches as i went so it was a little curvy!
... it has 'character'!
still does as i still have it!
now & then over the past 4 years
i have made Oscar a few things
above is one project i pulled out when i got home on the other night!
its been in limbo with the back half made for a year or so ....
.... thought it was too small but no ...
sizing will be good!
so i got on to the yarn wagon again
& have made some progress
back is finished & the front started
will be a simple v neck jumper
& yes, i need a pattern for this!
other stuff i make up but not knitting ....
so joining in here
since this is a work in progress
here's Oscar in a little bamboo vest
again a V neck!
i loved this on him
 below is a pic my 2 boys
riding the little train in Eltham that runs on Sunday afternoons
we still love that train
this was our first ride
i sat backwards & took photos!!
Oscar in his purple jumper
("purple" Oscar)
think he's about 2 months off turning 2 here
had raglan sleeves with a little roll neck
i made a soft green one too but it is still too 
large & is yet to be worn
 my nanna & my mum
were both great knitters
nanna was knitting right up to her last days
this is Oscar in a specially treasured
little cardigan jacket made by her
she was gone before she knew we were to even have
our baby boy but i figure she'd be wrapped to have
given him a cuddle in this!
so as an ode to the generations of knitters before us
keeping on with tradition
... knit, purl, cast on, cast off!
enJOY your journey
.... added edit:

here i am ...
wearing something that my nanna must have knitted!!
40 years ago ...

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Cas said...

you are a dark horse!! who can believe oscar was a red head...another dark horse. maybe i should joing the WIP link as there is defo plenty of those here!! thanks for sharing, i keep on learning about you young lady!!