Monday, January 30, 2012

could a sausage dog wrench me from my sunshine-y slump?

i saw a sausage dog today
later i saw an image ...
put the two together &
i have the beginnings of an idea ...
... lets see if i can turn the idea into something
don't hold your breathe just yet 
as sometimes (no most of the time!)
i need the fledgling idea to simmer for a while

been in such a creative summer slump
this usually seems to happen
over january as we spend so much of the 
summer sunshine-y days
at the 'riBer' ...
its all wonderful
full of the 
glorious aussie summer sun 
& blue skies
& friends 
& ski ropes
& the Emmylou
& grass fires
& fun 
& late night tennis viewing
& card games
& lake-side happy hours
& great food 
& water play 
& GandT's
& shimmering heat
& the murray river mud
& sun-kissed skin
... all new memories

for me, for years australia day
has marked the setting of these endless lazy days
(from now there are
only stolen weekend visits 
to see out our summer on the river!)
& now its time ...
time to be clicked or kicked
back into the routine of my wonderful
full, busy, blessed life
... time for my creative vision to take me on another journey
we have some new journeys planned for this year
be sure to always enJOY your journey
as you just never know how long or short it may be

1 comment:

Cas said...

is there room to squeeze in more rugrats next summer at your secluded place of bliss!! i look forward to more inspiration.