Saturday, January 21, 2012

one year

one year ago 
we moved in to this wonderful house 
that is now our home
we love it
we love where we are
we love the spaces
we love the light
we love the way we can see us 'growing up' within its walls
we love the possibilities
we love the trees & the birds
we love the quirky-ness & character
we love the way already our lives are the better for being here
we are so blessed ...
blessed to have that feeling of being settled & belonging
that is what its all been about
it just feels right ...


Cas said...

and such a gorgeous home it is :)

Karen said...

And what a lovely home you have turned the 'house' into.
Can't believe it's only been a year you've been there - it's such a perfect space for you.

Lotti said...

The wood floor in that house is gorgeous. I love wood floors. I the rest of the house is just as nice I can see why you love that wonderful house.