Saturday, January 14, 2012

things of clay ...

 you wouldn't pick it from what i make currently
but i have a huge passion for all things of clay
yep - majored in ceramics actually
the hard thing is to get the clay from raw material to a fired finished piece 
well ... i don't have the facilities ... 
but i still adore items i have made
(most of these are still packed away in boxes... i'm sure i'm up to showing them about my home ... not what i'd make now!)
and i adore ceramics made by others
be it in the form of great design or the actual handmade!
here are two new treasures that have come into my life this week!
above is the gorgeous sweet leafy mug with surface designs by
yep you probably picked this - Orla Kiely
which is a be-lated birthday gift 
(completely unnecessary but i LOVE it all the same! Thankyou Thankyou Sam xx)
and below is a very nicely hand thrown jug
that i picked up as a thrifty find this week
it has an ash glaze and has been fired in a wood kiln
yep ... all in the trained eye huh!
just wish i could decipher the stamped initial?
it has a really well balance weight in the hand
no heavy bottoms here & has that rough cut
chunky hand thrown style with a rolled foot
that i do really like ....
see as far as styling goes i am a torn woman
between the slick retro lines of the baby boomers era
& the hippy earthy approach of staying true to materials!!
but i marry the two ... it works for me


Karen said...

You are making some amazing oppy finds at the moment. Love the Orla, that design would have been on my bed if I could have convinced the husband!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like! xxx

Cas said...

lucky girl. love the leaf cup :)