Monday, January 9, 2012

thrifty toadstools & more treasure

 been at 'our' riBer ... (translation from Oscar speak = river)
whilst north managed a now traditional shopping expedition ... 
to 2 op shops ... my favorite ones ...
these little handmade toadstools just had to come home with me!
i have plans to polish them up a bit but they have already been well played with
this is the treasure hoard! i seriously only spent about $40
tupperware colander for sandpit play
& a slice n'store & a sweet keeper
& hamburger press molds that look like they have never been used
& a cool rusty brown butter container ... i have been searching for one of these for years
... my aussie farmers butter will live happily in this i am sure
and a single bed boys cars & trucks doona cover set
that is 100% cotton & is handmade as one large piece of fabric & way well become the backing to some wonderful quilt for my little boy
& a really groovy paisley printed patchwork design
double doona cover that actually matches some pillow cases i bought a while back
... perfect for a cabin!
a denim jacket & a pink top for me
t shirt & shorts & japara & a CR woolen jacket for Oscar
balls of wool ... that have already been attacked! (see next post!)
x2 awesome crochet hooks
a wiggly giggly game (not pictured) already been well played with!
wooden bowl ... which will head straight to a studio ... one day!
a great bag full of little animals ... & an excellent pyrex mixing bowl ...
a new or almost new barbie-mate ...
yep i think that was all
whoo hoo!
thankyou to all the people who love cleaning out their unwanted items at new years ... they become someone else's treasures!!


Cas said...

what a stash. love those mushrooms. wish i could visit op shops without little people in tow!! glad to see you home :)

Bronwyn said...

Welcome Back Wendy! Love a good raid at the oppy.

Lotti said...

What a great find ..... and for that price .... awesome. Gotta love Op Shops.