Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SIT: Prints Charming Stitching Lesson Part 2/4

It was a delight to just have the opportunity to visit
"Prints Charming"
Missed the chance to buy up big on scrap packs & other interesting hand screen printed panels as the big shopping bus got there before we did but still it was a delight ... especially to meet Cath & Kirsten!
and what a feast of colours their studio is .... oh how I would love to do what they are doing & I know how to .... hmmmm: Road block on that one... maybe one day?
We were there to learn some tricks about embroidery stitching but when I say that I mean v MODERN embroidery with no rules ... I love the way some of their examples have a painterly quality about the stitching!
We each worked on our own 'Birdie' screen printed image
... I will take a pic one day when I have mine completed!!!

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