Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SIT: Material Obsession .... Part 4/4

I've admired from afar Kathy Doughty's style & sense of pattern, print & colour ... in meeting her this weekend, I have really shifted some of my ideas about how to approach the concept of patchwork. I really want to create art pieces that happen to be in the form of patchwork & quilting ... I have struggled for a long time to have what I make fit into the style & interiors of home .... now we have a new home & I have a studio & I have lots & lots of ideas & fresh inspiration!Thankyou Kathy - as I said to you the other day ... if I lived in Sydney, you'd know me well already ... !!
Take a look at the Material Obsession blog .... see me there!!
I have a new perspective on using more traditional patchwork shapes with a modern sensibility ... well I will work on it!
For example: using a wedge ruler ....... using a design wall they way it should be ...... or a 60 degree triangle ....
... other combos...Happy times shopping!
(I'll be back!)
This happy photo with evidence that I was there ....
Shopping with Bron & Kelly & Lara & Gilly
was taken by Michelle

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Michelle said...

I think the wedge ruler may well change my life.

If only I could find it. I think it's caught up in my fabric somewhere.

I'm loving all your SIT posts!! At least you were sensible and didn't put it all together in a mad mess like I did!