Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Living on the Raw Edge

I've been 'experimenting'
with the idea of not always having a
'neat' finish to some of my pieces!
These works above & below are by:
Amanda at "Crazy Mom Quilts"
I love her blog & regularly check it!
I just had to share these favourites with you!
Above is a quilt she finished in Sept
which she's titled "Ticker Tape"

Quite an appropriate name don't you think!?
I love the colour & the 3 dimension . .
Its constructed with a base fabric
& then all small pieces layered
& appliqued on top leaving the
raw edges to fray & wear.
I like that sense of story!
The other she has only just put up a post about!
Its obviously a dolls size & is just lovely!
So she's motivated me to make
my own version at some point!
Seems like a great way to use every last tiny piece of fabric up!
(Not right now as you'll know I have plenty happening for the moment!)

The "inside-out" mini Quilt
below has been constructed sewing the wrong sides together!
Its made by Malka at "A Stitch in Dye"
I also often check out what she's been up to!
I like her quirky sense of design &
her ability to put great colour together!
I like how in this quilt the raw edges are exposed!
She is just about to release her own book titled
"Color Your Cloth"
I am hoping to have a look at this sometime!
or add it to my collection maybe . . .
(Although us Aussies will note that the spelling of Colour is not the English way!)


Andi said...

2 of my favourite bloggers (present company excepted of course).
I have Malka's book on order at Amazon and have Amanda Jean's ticker tape quilt up there on my 'to do' list.
Enjoy the sunshine.
Andi :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey how funny....I have looked at that ticker tape quilt before...and have it saved in my favourite tutorials, to do! Great minds..... Sam xx