Friday, October 2, 2009

On Being Retrospective:

I've realised over the last few days in looking back at all my previous quilts;
those waiting for quilting or binding,
photos of those as they have been as gifts
& those I'm working on . . .
between them there are many different & varied designs,
varied levels of difficulty,
varied colour ranges
& varied styles
. . . that I have made!

In retrospect I really didn't think I'd skipped about so much!
I'm going to continue on this little
of challenging myself on a few levels with my sewing
. . . when that will end I'm not sure
but then a change in my focus will come.

Currently . . . I'm thinking on a few levels:
1 - My family . . . for making a creative home
2 - Gifts . . .
3 - Block & Fabric Swaps and Sharing Ideas
4 - Business Design concepts

Where I want to give myself time & creative license is on an Artistic level!

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