Thursday, October 15, 2009

Purple & Green Local Block Swap

I actually have 73 blocks of variations . . .
Isn't it just looking wonderful!
I just LOVE it!
A few of us are making some extras to swap . . .
for our last meeting before we break for
Christmas & New Year . . . then to meet in Feb
with a catch up on how we are all
coming along with piecing together & quilting etc
. . . Thanks to: Nicole, Katherine, Kylie, Lizzie, WendyS,
Jenn, Louise, Lisa, Jo & Sam
"Thank you" - It has been great fun!

We're planning another . . .

This time in Red & Aqua . . . Windmills/Whirly-Gigs
with a plain background . . .
Would you like to join us?
Meet once a month to personally swap our blocks
(Melbourne, Australia)
but if you live outside of Melbourne
& you'd like to post them you are welcome
to join in the fun too!

1 comment:

Katherine said...

73! I don't think I counted that many. What are you planning for your quilt? I'm thinking maybe for each of my girls? It looks great Wendy! Also what fabric for the back and binding?