Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What a wonderful Easter . . . we had stunning weather at the River & it was lovely to share time away with Mum & Dad & friends . . . .
The 4 of us pl
us Oscar went out to lunch on Monday . . . to the old Port to "Oscar W's" . . . so many years we've been heading up that Northern Hwy & never managed to eat a meal there! Yay we finally made it! & to discover that Oscar W's is named after the last Paddle Steamer built at the Echuca port 100 years ago!
It sank at some point down river & has been restored but isn't i
n good enough condition to make it back to Echuca!I think its very cool that Oscar Wesley has a Paddle Steamer as a name's sake! & the famous Architect Oscar N is also 100 years old too!

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