Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Project finished & another one started!

I just love the journey!
So the 'Granny' went the way of a scarf instead!
I wasn't happy with the way the shaping was going on the granny square with the weight of such lovely wool/alpaca - hand dyed, hand spun, country victorian, market bought yarn!
So a scarf was a bit more my style! I do love it!
Its thick & snug for these freezing winter days we're having!
However I've been determined to learn how to crochet some more!
Different green yarn . . . more commercial! Dare I . . .
But my granny square has grown quickly into
what I'm hoping will be a great lap rug!
Shows what you can do in a night in front of the TV with no husband at home when you're feeling coldy & a baby who went to bed so nice & early!


Tess said...

I love the color here and it looks really great. My first crocheting attempt was a scarf and second was a giant granny square that became a babies afghan. I haven't crocheted in a while and now summer is here...

www.hARTylittlepeaces.etsy.com said...

Thanks Tess . . . The green lap rug is still growing . . . . I will re-post about it at some point!