Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Block Swap "How to" Tutorial

OK . . . Here's what to do 'swappers'!
BLOCK A: To make 12 blocks
Cut x12 = 4.5" Center Squares in fabric of your choice!
Cut x12 in x4 fabrics = 1.5" x 5.5" Border Strips

Step 1:
Sew a Border Strip to the Center Square, Sew only part of the first seam as shown in diagram! Press the seam towards the Border Strip.
Steps 2,3 &4:
Sew Border Strips 2,3&4, sewing from edge to edge. Press as you go!

Step 4: Sew the rest of the unfinished first Border Strip seam. Press! Yay!

BLOCK B: To make 12 blocks
Cut x4 = 2.5" Four Patch Strips in fabrics of your choice, either 2 or 4!
Cut x12 in x4 fabrics = 1.5" x 5.5" Border Strips

Four Patch: Sew 2 of the Four Patch Strips together & Press. Sew the other 2 Four Patch Strips together. Trim one end, then cut 2.5" sections across, turn & sew to make a Four Patch!Note that it is very easy to do chain stitching at this point!Steps 1-4: As above!
Have fun!Hear are my samples with one of my set of Blocks hot-off-the-press!
Gives you an idea of how this might all come together . . . will be so exciting & intriguing to see what everyone does! xxx

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