Thursday, April 16, 2009

Begining the Square!

"Thankyou" to Pip Lincolne from my own Melbourne town!
Maybe one day soon I will get into your little shop & meet you!
Thankyou for your amazing new book "Meet me at Mike's"!!!
From this, I taught myself just this morning . . . .
while Oscar was back asleep . . . to crochet!
Not bad for my first efforts I thought!
I'm going to make a blanket . . . as big as the ball of wool will allow! It is a good sized ball, but I have no idea how far it will take me!
I guess I can always add another colour yarn!
The wool is a blend of sheep's & alpaca! Multi-coloured hand dyed from a lady who I've seen every year for the last few . . . except this year at the Easter Sunday market in Alexandra! Why not this year? We were at the other favourite (wider) river further northward!

So I'm not actually 'officially' doing
"A Granny a day until the end of May" . . . but the square will grow! What fun! I have wanted to do this for a while . . . had tried last year with 'other' instructions but with no result! Thanks again Pip!

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