Monday, April 6, 2009

Ideas, New Space & a New Vehicle

I have slowly been working out my new studio set up in our garage! I will have heaps more space & won't need to share it with so many other aspects of our lives!

Been organizing my own "BLOCK SWAP" with a few friends & friends of . . . the magic of the 6 degrees of separation! I hoped for about 6 'swappers' but seem to have finished with maybe 14! I am so excited about it all!
Will show off some of our results at some point!
All will be purple & green! Some of my favourites!
I hope everyone will like the base fabrics that I have chosen!
Going to put together a little pack for everyone! Thought I might make a little pin cushion for each 'swapper' in a coordinating fabric! So I've been experimenting! Thankyou to all those wonderful crafty bloggers who put tutorials on the net for all to see & make & do too! What fun . . .
& we're starting with a fabric swap so we can make our quilts from those!

Other new exciting thing . . . our new car! Yay . . . I have my own wheels & they are lovely! So smooth a ride & lovely to be independent again! Shiny sliver of silver!

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