Friday, February 15, 2013

swing it sister

back last spring ... i started making a little scrappy quilt for a friend
 & over the summer what now seems likes an age ago
i finally actually finished it ... & some other binding finishes too ...
 pearle 8 thread of course
some favourite scraps to spot
free form of course
it says thankyou for your kindness your generous spirit your graceful heart
your listening ear your thoughtful words your wisdom & cheer
so sit on that swing any time in your mind
let the breeze pass by let the world slip away
kick up your heels & absorb each gentle movement
listen to the sound of the waves rolling in ....
somewhere to just be you with thoughts of the day
 ..... how to 'get there?' ... oh you know the way!
.... hang about in that beautiful place .... on that swing
thankyou my friend xo

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