Friday, February 15, 2013

love sewn in many stitches

 how do you go about
doing what you love?
i know you know that i sew for fun & for fun-ds
i 'sew' enJOY this journey ...
you see i like making & the challenge is always on
to make some item more refined or quirky-er
or to 'move on' to some new idea ... love it
 the trick is to be sure i'm sewing for the love of it
i've always said that the second its not fun anymore i will move on
..... no don't get worried! ... i still love it
i have decided to 'move on' from a few items 
... mainly the larger, bulky items that quite simply require more storage space
.... but seems that this whole love affair with bunting is not over!
over the last few weeks i have cut & sewn & pressed
100's & 100's of triangles
oh & I cut & made more last night
trying to get ahead of the game here ...
so do you like bunting?
do you make or have you made bunting?
you could always use my bunting tutorial ....
what do you think of a 'kit' idea ...
yeah i might get my act together to make some kits
stay tuned i guess
bunting coming soon to my online shop
but in the mean time ... there are some other lovely items over there
if you comment here & then buy i might just be able to pop in some kind of cute surprise too!!
 & there have been more of my trademark lovely bamboo blankets
those 'LOVE" ones are super sized ...
like those?? i can help you with that!

 oh & then of course i am constantly making binding as well
you know i have a crush on all things 'well bound' ...
so there has of course been more muslin wrap making

1 comment:

Karen said...

I think bunting kits are a great idea as often it's the measuring and cutting people don't like. A kit makes for a very quick and easy project that the person can still say they made, when or if they give it to someone else.