Thursday, February 21, 2013


what is it about hindsight that demands our gratefulness?
i used this very idea today when chatting to a friend
i know its not at all settling to have it said to you
in fact it can be really irritating
particulary when you're in the midst of the storm
but you know its true!
 some hindsight from my past...
i'm now thankful that i had an incompetent leader  
one factor in my 
decision making to resign from teaching way back
or perhaps i may still been there?
no one wishes to be the one not 'moving' forward
if that hadn't been then i may not have grown
i would never have worked for & with my father in his business
i would never have had the amazing sales
motivating leading business experience that is the great world of Tups
or those precious friends i have because of it all
i'm grateful for all those experiences
for teaching for small business & for design

& also we needed the 'no pressure' in our 'own time'
thing going on with all the ivf back then
that all would have been next to impossible if i'd still been teaching
in fact i was thinking that had we had a baby straight off the mark
way back then .... well we'd have a 10+yr old now
i'm sure our story would be very different
i doubt i'd be writing a blog
i doubt we'd have entertained moving countries
we'd most likely be still living where we were
& it was never quite the 'right' fit for me
so we probably would not have moved house
we wouldn't have the same 'in-common' connections with friends we do now
we've actually been in our new-to-us home
for 2 years now ... can't quite believe that!
that's half my blogging life ...
if we hadn't moved we probably would have 'moved-on' from ABC
it was starting to seem like that should be what came next
but you know ... God has it in his control
(doesn't seem like its a fair ride alot of the time!)
so with this hindsight
hmm ... well if we'd moved to a completely different suburb 
which was the intended
then our timing & refreshed efforts & contributions 
at ABC would not have been
so that would mean no Playful Market or "full circle"
nor would have a whole host of new friendships
prob no trip to Ambon or time doing Playgroup
we are so thankful for our enriched lives 
full of the thread of people intertwined
in the 'moving home' we were seeking some new adventure
re-starting somewhere we'd like to be for a long long time
settling into roots for Oscar & his education
community & friends
hindsight clicks over in the recesses of my thinking
it says ...."you see ...
the struggle to 'have'
what you think you are looking for
is not always the intended journey
looking back however it is often
what 'now' you realise
what was required ..."
so yeah enJOY your journey
those rolls of thunder make those sun shiny happy days
seem even more brighter

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ARTwendy ... said...

Amanda says .... Love it. Thank you Wendy. I think I needed to hear that at this time. xo