Wednesday, February 13, 2013

bamboo wonderland

 i've been about but sort of in a little bloggy slump
'peacing' up some blog posts ....
so back into it after a slow start to 2013
but i have been busy sewing lots

this slice of wonderland has long time been saved
saved for a special matching quilt for a new born baby ....
.... meet little  'Kate' ... she is tiny ... & oh so lovely
born to special friends of ours...
.... her big sister was born back here
& here also ....her sister's finished basinette sized hand stitched quilt
... so with another baby girl born....
i just had to make her a matching
wonderland bamboo blanket number

  oh & do you spot that sweet little 0000 suit
the suit was made for her big sister back then too
with some last scraps of a favourite fabric
do you like the little flower on the bottom?
look at her all curled up on my shoulder
thanks for my cuddle Miss Kate
your are most definitely named after a very great lady!!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Hooray - welcome back, again... ha ha
Lovely work by you and your friend!
The colours you've put together look great, as always.