Wednesday, December 26, 2012

using a pattern ... woah!

 went to spotty this morning
had a birthday voucher burning a hole
instructions were to buy for me
half price patterns & 30% of all fabric ...
 ok so i've been trying to inspire myself
back into sewing some clothes for me
since i can rarely find what i'd like to wear
 what seems like a life time ago
i used to sew most of what i wore
now ... to be honest its mostly thrifted
which is good
but i need some extras in my wardrobe
 so a super easy pattern to ease me back into it all
boxing day ... what a wonderful day at home
hanging out with my boys
skirt was made
but i didn't follow the instructions
i cut it longer
i added a lining since it is a voile
i finished with french seams
& I did a rolled hem
oh & I made the waist band a different way
 basically i read the instructions
then put them back in the envelope
& did what was in my head
i liked it but it was a little long!
so back i went
chopped off 2" .... re-did the rolled hems 
on the skirt & lining
asked my boys to help with the photo shoot
these pics are a combination of their efforts
before the shortening
4&1/2 and 40 something
maybe you could actually take a photo of the 'skirt' please??
funny day
muchly needed
i like it more now its shorter
but i think it needs a little more vavvoom ... ?
looks better in real life
& i need some tops to match ....  
(& a flatter tummy!)
i have the perfect shoes!!!!
i could probably also challenge myself to make something trickier
since i didn't use the instructions ... hmmm


Katherine said...

Love the last photo! A beautiful shot! Xx

Karen said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me! Well done you speedy sewist.
Very sweet they'd rather take pics of you (or the house) than the skirt.

nicole said...

it looks fabulous wendy!
merry christmas and a happy new year to you and yours :D