Friday, December 14, 2012


Christmas is coming
there are 12 days ....
how do you say thank you?
how to celebrate the ending of seasons?
do you send a partridge or a pear tree?
our academic year is complete (or almost)
its season's end
it seems its in our australian psyche that
the 25th is one of those great markers ... 
'done by christmas'
what does that mean?
christmas is always 'coming'
or is it the idea of a new year beginning that drives a need for completion?
i think so ...

oscar's 3 yr old kinder experience is nearly over
its our first academic end of year
its not quite the end of the chapter .... still 4 yr old K to go!

our time with Play Group
has come to the season's end
2 years oscar & i have led one of the groups
we've made wonderful friends
& had lots of great times
this group of mums ... too kind
sent me on my way .... with a lovely bunch of flowers
& heartfelt words
to say thankyou for the times
there were tears from some in saying goodbye
its hard when relationships have been built 
& the future holds no direct contact
i say thank you in return
we too have enJOYed our season


Karen said...

Gorgeous flowers, well deserved I am sure. It feels strange to have friendships like that pass but each stage of Oscar's educational life will bring new relationships, so it's not all bad!

Kylie said...

Saying goodbyes is hard. I can not seem to excape them. Every year I am either leaving and moving to the unknown or I have friends that it feels like I have just met move on.
I hope that Oscar enjoys the new challenges of 4 year old kinder.