Monday, December 24, 2012

lately ...

 there was some Wendy dress wearing
on a boat on a harbor with a bridge & opera in the background
a lovely hotel was stayed at 
adored the carpets!
there was some arcade wandering  
a most enjoyable escape treat
some wedge tree branch bites
were painted
 there was another mighty 
 an in-house market night
with a great big tups sell-off
which was more like a party party & great fun
only a handful of little skirts remaining
 some thinking has been done
few changes are being made to the whole
hARTylittlepeaces making/selling part of what i do
not making some things & starting on some new
& now there's an 
how exciting!
which will always be a work in progress 
& has already 
had great orders with happy customers
there will be lots more handmade & sewn items in the new year
including my unique ooak ... little softie
'Pocket Buddies'
now available at Shop Handmade
 they are cute little buddies
that can be used for a whole host of things
you just never know when you lose that front tooth
.... you'll need a Pocket Buddy to keep it safe
until the tooth fairy visits ....
oooh yeah .... cute huh!
as i said .... ooak & it's also my ip ....
love these whiskers
 oh & this is still a wip
but won't take me long
little humble gift
a scrappy log cabin quilt
love this free form
you've seen this style plenty from me before
its all about working those little 'peaces'
for a true friend who has been on a wonderful
interesting challenging journey of growth
with me this year xo
so a little gift when words are not enough
there is more in store for this journey i am sure
 in fact there have been lots of moments
when words have not been enough
there was a great man in my husband's life
there was a fitting goodbye
& there was a new family member introduced
baby Oscar 5 wks met our Oscar
 ooak = One Of A Kind
a unique, individual, often handmade item
of which there is no other the same!
ip = intellectual property!
ps - if you like these buy one

1 comment:

Karen said...

Merry Christmas to you my lovely friend. Thank-you for your friendship and the piece of gorgeousness that is going to be keeping me company soon.
Your wise words are always much appreciated, and the opportunity for a laugh along the way.