Sunday, December 9, 2012

does the weather really matter?

have you noticed i've been gone?
have i been missed?

had an annoying issue with picassa
couldn't up load pics ...
as i don't like to post without photos
i've been forced into some blog-leave
but i kind of needed it
there's been some thinking going on
some exciting stuff & some stuff i've struggled with
& i have also been busy....
working on our Playful Market
its a little market at our Church
that is all fair trade or handmade ... all great quality
it has great personality
its fun & friendly
its an amazing opportunity for our church family 
to work together
we have such fun
we share our God-given gifts
we celebrate together
& we are proud of what we have created!

it open the doors to welcome everyone
lets everyone know that we're a people with compassion
 tolerance creativity playfulness & joy
that we are a people with many stories
we are a people who care

& then there's the little bonus element
... we have the chance to raise funds for worthy causes!

did you come along?
if you missed out on all the fun
come next time
... i'll be sure to give you warning
.... we'll be there no matter the weather
& in my book .... seriously, does the weather really matter??
c'mon people .... come to play!
rain hail or shine

personally i am physically spent today
emotionally i'm on a roller coaster
& i'm already planning .... & tweaking ideas
& thinking ... how to improve
i'm insanely proud of our Playful Market
its a privilege to have created it
& to lead it ...
i almost have no words that can portray this enough
what are you proud of??

i'm proud of doing things 
my own way
of dreaming up original ideas
in everything i do .... 
be it what i make with my hands 
or times spent with people
i work at being just me
to swing it my way with my personality
there's a line in our home
"i've had an idea ..... !"
(Craig often cringes .... what is she about to say!?)
how do you show your unique-ness?
do you make it?
blog it?
sew it?
write it?
bake it?
read it?
draw it?
don't miss out on living your life ... 
be sure you are true to being you
there's no one else to do that!
enJOY your journey

1 comment:

Karen said...

Ha ha - cringing here too when I come up with some 'bright' idea!!
I am sometimes not sure how I show my uniqueness as I am not a 'wing it' kind of person - I feel most comfortable following a pattern.
But I guess it's my interpretation of a pattern that makes each of my garments unique, that and the fact that I make very specifically for a person.
When I am making for a child I think about that child - what they like as far as colours and fit, twirl factor and length and then I make, taking those things into consideration.
So each piece is a 'one off'.
You should be very proud of the market - it's a wonderful community event that keeps crowing and changing. Can't wait to see what's next.