Saturday, March 17, 2012

sunshine & sales

lovely sunshine-y time this morning at this sweet little 
indoors market in my home suburb
had lots of visits from people in my life too
and a fabulous position today!
lots of different items sold
including a few larger items which i am most pleased about
new notebooks & tissue pouches were a hit
i am getting this display thing sorted out
trying to perfect it just so ...
each market i try something new with the set up 
& alter how various products are displayed
it does makes a difference
product placement .... hmmm
can you see leaning against the wall one of my recent hard rubbish finds
... that white ladder looking rack is part of a discarded cot
worked really well displaying some of my patchwork bamboo blankets etc
nearly had a disaster when i forgot a tablecloth for the ragged card table
another friendly stall holder saved me with a spare! whew!
don't mind the phone pics ... looking at these it doesn't look all that impressive
however i've kind of been up close & personal with every stitch!
but in real life i thought it all looked great ... good to record & take stock ...


Cas said...

it was lovely in real life wendy :) great to see you & glad you had a good trade today :) i myself fell totally in love with artist beverly ednie. wow.

Sue Wightman said...

I'm impressed majorly with your artistic talent.I bought a cot from our church op-shop which proved too wonky for its intended purpose. I was going to re-donate it but maybe I can use it as a quilt hanger -smart one Wendy!

Karen said...

Your stall looks great Wendy - I love the new sign.
We went past on our way to breakfast but didn't have time for a browse, unfortunately.
Glad it went well.

Anonymous said...

Sam said ....
Clever Las! So GLAD the tissue thingys were a hit and the notebook covers. Love both. And, awesome use of the cot side. You are creative!!!

Anonymous said...

Cassy said: Sorry I couldn't make it today, will definitely come to next one. Hope it went well!