Thursday, March 22, 2012

kids clothes week challenge

ok ... so
so an age ago i got all motivated to
make my boy some sandbox pants
even bought the fabric x2
& planned to up-cycle a black denim skirt of mine
so that's 3 pairs of pants
now i need in my life to make sure
that i also sew & make for personal reasons
not just all market or mission or gifting sewing
mix it up, you know!
so i'm planning on joining in the zakka style sew-a-long
as you know which i'm really excited about
& now i'm going to join the
kids clothes week challenge
as well ... talk about following patterns!
 i'm up for it!
thanks elsie marley


Cas said...

you're going to be a busy bee :) enjoy the sew-a-long....or 2 !!

Bell Brown said...

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