Monday, March 26, 2012

creative past

went on a little walk down memory lane
this morning
& so i thought i'd take the moment
to say hi to a few people!
there are lots of artistic relics
from my time as art teacher still about
which i was very pleased to see
 lots of changes but it seems a happier place
let me tell you a little about these pics i snapped in a hurry
there are a number of mosaics on doors & walls & in the gardens
around the early childhood centre
made by the 3 & 4 year old kinder groups 
with a little help from me
the quilt you spied
... do you notice a little sunflower theme here??
a great way to start a year with the happy yellow
sun flower faces of summer
the quilt has hundreds of hand drawn & painted baby sized sunflowers
created by the children over a time frame
of about 5 years 
then each of those star blocks were hand sewn together
by lots of the mums ...
& then i sewed the whole thing together
just one of the very many massive all-in type
projects i used to do with my eyes closed!!
& more colour mixing exploring learning canvases
with a circle theme
& lovely glass beads all strung up like water falling
was nice to visit


Cas said...

very inspiring & what a beautiful trip down memory lane :) i think you might have found your hungry caterpillar!!

Anonymous said...

Naomi said: Oh I completely forgot it was on!!!! I was going to go as well. Haven't been back in FAR too long, your pieces of artwork will remain there FOREVER! I don't think they will ever have anyone as talented as you my friend, it was never the same after you left.

Anonymous said...

Rachel said: We had so many wonderful mornings with you Art Wendy, so much talent to share and foster with those young minds. Nice to see some work there that l was a part of too. You are a treasure.