Sunday, March 18, 2012

the great art of hand painted tissue paper ...

i was smitten when i was little
 i read it once or twice or more
when i was teaching art ...
& now i read & re-read 
to my little boy
i'm still smitten
 this book is
simply genius
numbers to count
the sun comes up
the moon shines brightly
there is a feast of food
days of the week
rest & restore
the joy of something beautiful 
we're thinking about using this masterpiece as
a jumping off point 
to encourage learning to read
as a valuable life skill
 to the children 
when will visit a some schools in  

my mind is buzzing
and i'm
so excited
as i've just worked out that 
Eric Carle
writes his own BLOG

yes peoples.... you can read what he thinks!!
whooo hooo!!
i've had a bit of a read...
go on you should too
he's wonderful
2009 was the 
40th Anniversary of the VHC
& Eric Carle turned 80 that same year
are you doing the maths
so i'm 40 ... what's my VHC going to be??
hmmm i'm working on it!
for the love of story time
you have got to witness 
at least once in your life
.... yep! 
and so do the little people in your life
& the older people too ...
basically anyone who has ever wondered
after the thought of a butterfly
(you know after all that time in cocoon - they don't live for very long!)
 oh & yeah ...
6 more pencil rolls were needed for the count
that's 28 total
.... loaded now with the lead loot
they are cute & fun & the kids will love them i am sure


Karen said...

An all time favourite of mine too, it's actually my flickr identity image!!
Brown bear, brown bear is another favourite here.

Michelle said...

I think there's a copy of his ladybug book over on the coffee table -- you've inspired me to dig it out and add it to our reading for today!