Thursday, September 5, 2013


seems i caught a bug a while back
yeah .... renfrew-itis
have you heard of it?
google even knows about it!
made a couple at sewjorn
then another couple the following week
great pattern & it works well shape-wise on me
then its all about the fabric choice hey
such an excellent basic & some fresh new tops were 'needed'
what is all this about you ask?
sewaholic's renfrew pattern
yeah i was a little slow to catch 'the bug' but now ....
i have some more in mind as well
loving this long sleeve bronze version
its all lycra & shiny & v stretchy of course
after sewing the neck band it kind of went all 'gathered'
not quite supposed to happen but lets call it a 
'design feature' ... isn't that what we call it K & L?
i think so, i quite like it actually
love a bit of purple
there's the half sleeve
of the silky short sleeved variety - with a wonky neck binding
that again i'm not fussed with it not being perfect!
i have learnt with these that i prefer them to be cut a little longer
so i've taken note & will do on the next!
 below is a pic taken at the Roman Baths in Bath, UK
that was 2 weeks ago, not even
photo credit goes to Oscar
the same purple short sleeved renfrew
 now speaking of travel
there were quite a few handmade-by-me clothing items
that traveled with
including this renfrew below
its a black & white fine stripe
another rathdowne remnant score
its a little larger ... didn't cut it larger
but that's the thing with fabrics isn't it
but it makes for an excellent layering top
& as a travel tip when in ireland
you need layers ... note the cloudy day in kilkenny
 oh & this pic below
i just like it
taken in a pedestrian street in York
but i am breaking my usual wardrobe rule
never wear denim on both halves ...
gotta do what ya gotta do at times!
oh & all these photos of myself
.... 'mate' feeling rather narcissistic!
oh & all that blonde crazy hair....
has now gone ... back to short arty dark & pink
yep ... that's more like it

thanks for sitting in on my 'slide night'
joining in with
'make it wear it'

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Carolyn said...

Really enjoyed your entertaining post (as always!)
BTW, I really liked the blonde hair! xx