Thursday, September 19, 2013

crystal clear :: 15

 since i've blogged about my 
i've had a few friends find them in their travels
may have mentioned that i was finding it tricky to track down 
some of the aqua coloured ones
bron-she-who-rocks found me this one
 well recently my awesome friend blog-less Cassy
found this little set ..... oh my!!
quite the bargain as well & she went & picked them up for me!
how amazing is all that ... 3 'made in belgium' minis
& that large one now has its long lost mate

 now speaking of mates ....
today 15 years back i married mine
i am blessed for the journey we have shared thus far
looking forward to more ... our way
traditionally the 15 year mark is crystal apparently!?
its true ... that as time goes by
you see each other more & more for who they truly are
love them even more & are loved in return
..... clearer now than even back then
enJOYing the journey


Karen said...

I just went awwww out loud!!
Lovely post - the wedding pics are so sweet. Congratulations to you both.
Those jars make a lovely collection too.

Farm Gate Creations said...

I love colored glass, the blue looks fabulous....Congratulations, the wedding pic is gorgeous.