Friday, August 30, 2013

stitched by roma

 there was a great family gathering o's just recently
as noted in 'navigating' t'was in the poconos in pa
that meant Oscar had the chance to play with his international cousins
roma - the name my mum gave herself
to be called by her grandchildren!
well roma ... came to me a few months ago
"I would like to make flicka, huddy & ity
a quilt each ...
so they can be wrapped up in my cuddles when i am not with them
lovely idea isn't it
kind of stems from the Prayers & Squares aethetic
a patchwork quilt ministry that my mum is very invested in
so she planned each one to suit personality & age
here they are
the moment they were given
special labels from a special roma

 let me show you each quilt ...
this babuska quilt is for flicka
she is now at school & 
is such a sparkly chirpy little mother-hen
great way to use this fabulous fabric hey!
there'd be some machine & hand quilting stitching done on these quilts
... with some help from me
as you know i love the tactile nature of
little stitches

 these bright blue & greens triangles
are for huddy who is 4 ....
love this fabric range too
its bungle jungle by moda
by tim & beck 
roma used this quilt design
 equilateral triangles
not easy to piece perfectly but she's done it
here he is playing with his quilt like a cubby house

 we have a bit of a thing for bunnies in my family
roma gave each of her grandchildren a special bunny when they were born
Oscar's has been so well loved that we actually now have a few
as the first one needed severe surgery!
i had one a long time back too ...
 this 3rd quilt is for 'ity' who is 3
an extraordinary amount of work in this one
the quilt design is by the red boot quilt company
the bunnies are all machine appliqued
she decided to use lots of flowery fabrics in between
instead of appliqueing flowers as well
good solution i think
& their faces
take a close look
done on her fancy janome
love the quirky faces & those glasses!
cool huh?
love the response ity has in this pic
sweet to see her curled up with all that time care  & love
hasn't roma done an amazing job
round of appluase for you mum/roma!


ARTwendy ... said...

Chris B said: "Roma's special love for her grandies! Love the blog, the story, the skill and creativity."

ARTwendy ... said...

Sam McK said: "Roma has done an amazing job!! Well done! So happy the kids are loving them!!"

ARTwendy ... said...

Roma said: "Well that's quite a special tribute wendy, thxs for your help - its something I REALLY ENJOYED and wanted to do. But you know WHAT I'M NOT DONE just yet. There is another one coming. SO STAY TUNED"

Cath said...

Roma, what a beautiful way to wrap your love...long distance!! Wendy, thank you for introducing me to modern quilts, i'm loving my new-found quilting journey. xxx

Karen said...

Oh wow they are all really fabulous - but I think I love the bunnies the most!
What a lovely though - keeping them wrapped up in her hugs.
Well done 'Roma'.

ARTwendy ... said...

Mary Lou R said: "Am blown away by the creativity of these quilts and the huge love shown by Roma in creating them!"