Thursday, August 29, 2013

o's creative talent

 umm..... there may have been some
favourite designer-y purchases made
whilst away .... an irish, english & american .... 3 women

 a few especially treasured orla kiely
pieces .... had a funny experience standing in a sunny
pedestrian lane way waiting..... for the big boy 
whilst watching the little boy scoot up & back
woman after woman walked past me
& all i could see were orla kiely bags!!!
i accosted an innocent lady .... excuse me but???? where?
there was a haze over my eyes &
i was off in the direction per her description
the melamine tray has already found pride of place
& it looks at home hey?
the little plate is to replace a treasure
& the bag.... 
well that was my month long saving on all those coffee stops!!
ooh the bag is yet to have its first outing but squeee!!

 the english lionheart .... well is none other than ms cath kidston
now i'm not a flower-y kinda girl
but she is the british queen of modern vintage
& that i do do in moderation
stay tuned as there might be a project or two sewn from her book
& spot those tea towels there's an idea assigned to them.... love a bird i do
yes - going to 'put a bird' on something!! he heeee ....

found a lovely little bricks n'motor
quilting store nearby where my brother & family 
live in the usa
you should go in there if you are even remotely local
& say hi to lindsay for me
we had a little chat & she looked up blog right there & then!
its such fun making crafty friends on the other side of the globe!
... made up & i was smitten
now its been mentioned this week that i quilt
but looking at my blog of late you'd not be so sure of that!?
i usually am not a follow-a-pattern quilting person
or at least i start out with a pattern & then i tweak it
but i just love these oversized hexagons
& i figure a great deal of maths is involved
& that i do need to 'get right' & follow the wise!
so follow a pattern i shall 
.... however i have a few others to complete first!
photo is from stitchwell fabric's web page


Tanya said...

oooh, so much of that sounds so fun! Enjoy your treasures- and the 'finding' memories that come with them x

Janine said...

where was the bag shop???