Tuesday, May 21, 2013

heart the craft: on b&w

heART the craft
a collection, or a single favourite image or idea
this is no.4
 home is where the heART is
isn't it?
love this 'pintrested' image
from 'kinderpendent' but can't find it's original source
great use of this fabulous ikea black & white fabric
i have a great stash of this ... just waiting

... i'm generally not into encouraging kids to 'colour in' someone else's image
but these images are so simple & they are kidd-ish without dictacting
that 'this-is-the-only-way-you-should-draw-a-house' .....
i love the creative play element as well
& they'd be simple enough to make it a learning sewing project
maybe mix it up & not use the 'traditional' primary colours plus green
yep ....

colour ... so yeah, here i am saying i like the way its used ....
sparingly with black & white .... um
generally i'd say that using colour in this simplistic way is conforming
& kind of sticking to the 'safe' side ...
or not taking advantage of the wonderful way that 
a colour responds to another colour
but i think these house graphics call for simplicity
.... might let you all 'in on' what i think about 
colour & using neutrals sometime soon....
(post on colour per request coming soon-ish!)
and when talking colour & environments for children
'well' .... i do have a few thoughts on that too

so anyway back to these funky houses ....
love all the colourful front doors
what colour is your front door??
we have a very conservative charcoal denim one ....
our previous home had a plum purple that i adored
my parents have a very happy bright yellow gloss
might change ours someday ...
but not yet .... will play it safe for a while longer!

you can always have a read on 
my thoughts re: children & drawing
over here .... that is while you're waiting for my
rant all about colour use!

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