Monday, April 22, 2013

purple & green

 so way way back ....
when we had a different address
i organised a block swap 
the idea was that it might be the perfect way
to keep in-touch with some friends
thus began the block swaps of 2009 & 2010
09 was all purple & green
here's the "how to tutorial"
it was all great fun & now holds some lovely memories
so what we all did ...
each month we had the 'homework' of sewing up 12 or so blocks
working with the block design & size & variations
the only rule was that we were to include one of 2 base fabrics
any other fabrics were to be purple or green of choice
we'd get together, rotating visiting one another's homes
there was show n'tell & lots of laughs
each time we always sewed an extra block ....
went into a box intended for our
i was supposed to have gifted this a very long time ago
not sure what happened at the time
but then it was packed away ....
just last week i passed it on to mum
(my mum .... yep she's a crafty type too & she is a major part of P&S's)
last wednesday .... she arrived with purple & green blocks in hand
would you believe that ....
that very day there was a prayer quilt request in purple & greens!!!
not kidding ... a God thing i think!
so this lap sized prayer quilt was pieced together
for a special lady who played a part in our ABC's history
we hope you feel the love & prayers of all the peoples
from now & then from ABC Mabel .... you are loved
these photos are from our time during church yesterday
when the ties were tied ... & a prayer is said
i'm so pleased with this end result
it seems that it is all in God's timing

so a big thankyou to Katherine & Kylie & Sam & Louey
& Wendy & Nicole & Jo & Lizzie & Jenny 
i love the journey that was this block swap
we really should all get together with our 'finished' quilts!!

you can see a glimpse of Katherine's finished p&g block swap
quilts over here .... she made them into twin quilts for her 2 older girls
i know that Nicole has sewn all her blocks together
& here's mine .... um .... cough .... still not finished ...
however it is now all at least pieced together as a finished quilt top!!
i added another strip layer to each of my blocks ...
& then
the following year
there was the red & aqua swap
with a slightly different crowd of friendly faces
that's another story .....

amen to all the seasons of life

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Purly Wendy said...

One of my most favourite colour combos - purple and green!My late MIL used to often speak in awe of your Mum's "Textiley Talents!" Those talents have obviously been passed on! Cheers
Wendy Ashworth