Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my village

i love the village that surrounds me
if we've ever chatted in person i'd have been likely to have referred to
the age old concept that
its the village that raises the child
our modern village is built in the flesh blood heart & soul
of the people we surround ourselves with
the people we choose to spend our hours with
& in return those who are intentionally interested in the same investment
i am more the richer for this village
to me it is priceless
may have mentioned from time to time
that we have a little cabin up on the riBer
to me it is the space to breathe deeply
to laugh to eat well to tell stories to spend time
there is just nothing like spending bulk time with people
its this little place in our hearts that helps form
the village around us .... & our boy
this easter we soaked ourselves in
laughter & new experiences
there was some boat play...
& yes, that is me below with a friend traveling at great speed!
timber sawn & marsh mellows toasted
biscuits ridden, paddle steamer action, eggs hunted, books on bunks
a new room was constructed with 1st & 2nd apprentices
lunch to be had, walks & parks, card games .....
some crochet & a touch of sewing ...

 as it turned out, i drove home in a car by myself
i'm perfectly fine with my own company
i just crank up my playlist .... no apologies for my music taste!!
but that winding gracious road ... its fields of yellow gold now barren
the scraggy siholette of gum trees scattered farm houses the wine country
then the rocky top of the great divide that reminds me...
 of a scene in the Princess Bride ....

.... it always steals my thoughts & heart
i adore & enJOY that journey
each time i venture northward it changes me just a little
.... i love my village!
ps .... thanks to Karen who took most of these photos!!
pps .... did you spot the rainbow??

1 comment:

Karen said...

Thanks so much for inviting us to share your special place - 'twas an Easter to remember, we all had a fabulous time with excellent company.
Very, very glad to be part of your 'village'.
Love that pic of the small boy and girl - and the kids (and cat) toasting marshmallows.
PS - I am sure that biscuit went much further up in the air than the pics show!