Saturday, April 20, 2013

bit of acid, spots & some stacked coins

 what did you do last night?
9pm & i was a little .... well bored really!
footy just doesn't 'do it' for me ...
my stash of scraps is a magic pudding
seriously .... i work hard on using it & it multiplies
 decided on a variation of my 'free-styling scrappy patchwork'
not sure how ... it just evolved & i quite like working that way
so thus the stacked coins element
i know where this single bed quilt is going!
.... so i wanted something really bright to go with...
found this amazing large scale print in my hoarded stash
'Wildwood' by erin mcmorris for Freespirit westminster fibres
seriously i have whole pile of neatly folded caressed beauties
that i've hoarded ... happy just to look at all lined up pretty like
a wave of corageousness swept over me
crikey!? .... it was cut into .... black & white spots were added
you can't go wrong with spots & these are a great size ...
it 'works' ... now to find a worthy backing?
maybe a b&w stripey binding but we shall see
lots of wonky curvy soft machine quilted lines i think
perhaps a few lines of perle hand quilting stitches running across the stacked coins
quilt top made in a bit under 2 hours
quite enJOYed my friday night in the end
hmmm now .... the backing & then baste ....
lets see if i can get that far in less than 24hrs?
might even get on a roll & baste the others that are still a-waiting!!
yep .... enJOYing my journey ....

1 comment:

Karen said...

Two hours!?? Are you kidding me? Very nice, if I did quilt (not saying I'm going to) I'd like to be able to do it in an organic way like you do.