Thursday, November 1, 2012

ring a ring a robot

at our play group there is a 'must sing' for annabelle
ring a ring a rosie ...
took me so long to learn the complementary verses
jodie from ric-rac who is an amazing softie designer
posted last night & i just couldn't help but comment ....
love  her sense of humor & her work
does make me want to make some of these guys

.... fisher in the water
fisher in the sea
they all jump up with a one two three!

... cows are in the meadow
eating buttercups
a-tishoo a-tishoo we all jump up!

... robot in the rocket ship
robot in the sky
they all blast off with a one two fly!

well i made the last part up!! Yay
have a fun day
maybe we'll add this verse to it next week
& start a new world-wide trend!?
what do you guys think?


jodie said...

I love your verses !!

ARTwendy ... said...

Sam said: Geez don't expand your talents to song writing also, already have enough on your plate!!! That verse was awesome!!! Better patent that too!! xxx