Monday, November 12, 2012

arm's length

 so this creative problem solving little guy of ours
likes to 'play' with most things in a different way
long cardboard tubes have been 
boom gates
washing lines
twirling batons
tunnels & ski ropes 
this last week or so
what started out being a quiet painting session
turned into some
arm's length body art
when i wasn't watching!
wonderful creativity
& a bit of an 'arrhhhhh' .... 
"just don't touch anything ...."
 he was so proud of all his little
brush marks
& honestly i loved it!
not sure this should become a habit
& he just wouldn't stand still to get a
great pic ...


Cas said...

love it, he looks like a fierce tiger!! thank goodness miss e wasnt there to 'help' out with the mess!!

Karen said...

A future as a true Colingwood man maybe with 'sleeves' perhaps!!!
Love it.