Thursday, November 1, 2012

looking through the clear glass at the 100

above are a pair of recently thrifted
huge glass cookie jars ... 30cms+
found on separate occasions
& hail from different eras
i adore a bit of glass jar magic
i'm always on the hunt for this coloured variety!
 now pictured here above & below
are a wonderful haul ... given to me today!
thanks mum ....
i grew up with all these jars
they were the non-perishables storage system ...
... mum has just done a huge clean up pantry-wise
ohhh how Tupps modulars work a treat ... just look at all that extra space!!
 back to the jars ... this post is about the glass not the plastic!
they are retro
they are sentimental
the are in excellent condition
& they are destined for a certain art studio
sometime soon ....
lucky me hey!
now people .... this is the post .... 
what post you ask?
this post is my
record breaker!
it is post number 100 in a calendar year ...
its my 1st century not out
can you see me raise my cricket bat & acknowledge the crowd?
in 2009 there were 86 ....
in 2010 i wrote 78 .... 
less as it was the year we packed up our house, sold it 
& stored it all for a while after we thought we were moving continents!
in 2011 a there was total of 99 .... nearly got there
so this is the year of
new records!
hmmm ... so what else can i do??
oh & people ... i know you're out there reading
please please leave me a kind word or two
i'd love to hear from you!


Katherine said...

I read every post! Xx

nicole kane said...

congratulations on your hundredth post for the year! what a cool milestone!
and all of those glass jars, they'll look great in your studio :D

Judy said...

Yay Wendy. Congratulations on 100 posts for 2012. Those jars are very cute and will look great in the studio filled with lots of making fun!!

Michelle said...

well done Wendy, one hundred is a great milestone. Keep going, you've found a lovely rhythm. xx

Bronwyn said...

Yes I can hear the roar as you humbly nod to the crowd, lifting your bat up, with a little smile on the lips - then tap tap the ground and refocus....hehe - love the cricket analogy!

I keep walking past a shop window and thinking of you! You know where I mean!!

Keep the great posts coming - and how long have you had your eye on those jars??

Cas said...

love brons analogy :)i too read every post, just some days too weary to comment :) keep up the awesome work.
p.s. love those jars, so would mr D !!

Karen said...

I can't believe at 99 you just didn't post a pic - I think I might have!!
Simply smashing century (said with a Tony Greig Accent!!), well done to you - raise that bat high.
Love the jars - can't wait to see them on display.

Becky said...

I am a bit behind here as I am playing catchup after a mostly internet free month while I was on prac; congratulations on a milestone posts :)