Saturday, August 18, 2012

a little red & the whole rainbow

 our little friend Gabi turns 5 tomorrow
i've been busting to make one of
ooshka babushka dolls
made her into a little red riding hood
fabric themed of course!
with a red lined cape
.... & she has an alter ego ... Miss Super "G"
...... so if you'd gone down to the woods today
... you were in for a great surprise!
there was a colour filled rainbow party for her today
 a special layered Birthday cake was made
by her clever mummy!
& cake pops too!
 not sure who was the more pleased with this little gift?
Gabi or her mummy or me!? enJOY xxx


Karen said...

Oh I love those cakes!! Have been wanting to try one out but it might mean too much time in the kitchen for me!!
Super G looks great, I'm always surprised by how big she is. Great gift.

lisa :: the red thread said...

Wendy your Gabi and the Ooshka are both gorgeous! The party looks like a huge success.

lisa :: the red thread said...

Forgot to say you're ahead of the curve with the 'Super G' ;)